Britannia Sandersteads

18th May 2006

Britannia Sandersteads were very lucky in being invited to test Move Administer in its trial period. From the moment we first saw the first demo, we were excited. Our planned live date was the 1st December 2005 but due to work commitments this was delayed until January 2006.

The change over was effortless and apart from a few teething problems - which were sorted out quickly and efficiently - its hard to imagine how we operated before Move Administer - known in our office as 'Eric'.

'Eric' allows each person to customise their own screen to show the information they need and in the order they want it. Other exciting features are:

  • SMS messaging to each customer - ideal to remind people of appointments.
  • Emailing from within 'Eric'.
  • Spellchecking available now.
  • Onscreen job diary that shows all work and containers to be released.
  • Worksheets that you can keep track of.

We would carry on listing features but unless you have seen the system in all its glory, the full extent of its proficiency within the removal industry cannot be appreciated.

With all new computer systems there is always an element of apprehension and fear - 'What if I press the wrong button?' Fear not! The other benefit of this system is the support we have received from Colin and Richard. From the initial on site training to phoning them because you have forgotten how to do something, they are always there for us. No problem to big or small. They embrace any suggestion of a new feature you may suggest and are quick to respond to all requests. On the few occasions we have had a problem - normally down to the person entering the data (us) - Colin has been willing to fix the problem out of office hours.

We would recommend 'Eric' to any removal company - large or small. Whilst it may seem a big expense at the initial purchase, it will not take long for you to recoup your costs - even our bookkeeper sings its praise. For those of you who know Giles, you know that impressing him is not easy!

Would sugges you contact Move Administer to arrange a demo - it needs to be seen to be believed!

Yours sincerely,

Lyn Inkpen

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