Shipping Administer

Shipping Administer is split into a Lite and Pro module, with Lite taking Baggage Enquries and producing European, International and Trade Quotations, and Pro doing all this and much more, such as Consignments, Manifests and the production of Shipping documentation for print and email.

Baggage enquiries can be imported from emails received from your website and various lead generation websites.

Full costing of daily events provides you with a picture of the true costs involved, including shipping charges.

Additional/Optional Services can be setup for European and/or International quotations only.

Marine insurance bands can be setup in advance with the relevant charges for Superior, Super, Standard, Restricted and Vehicle cover, for Road/Sea freight and Air freight.

European Consignments allow the easy production of CMR notes, ideal for those removals travelling through France.

International Consignments allow the easy production of Bill of Lading, Shipment Status, Shipment Pre Alert, Certificate of Shipment and Status Request, for print or email.

Identity labels can be printed, on mass and uniquely numbered, with a quantity of blanks too.

Manifests can be created where the default information provided can be transferred across all consignments assigned at the press of a button.

Export Manifests can print a Manifest, Status Request and Bill of Lading, whereas an Import Manifest can print a Manifest, Request to Bond, Request to Clear and Container Turnout.

An Agent database allows you to setup Domestic, International and Transit agents, as well as Insurance ones too.

Consignments can be automatically assigned to ‘open’ manifests a set number of days in advance.

Easily view Agent Contacts and Correspondence, together with European and International Consignments where the Agent has been assigned as the Origin, Destination or Transit Agent.

A Shipments browse can show all Manifests and Consignments due for departure or arrival for the chosen date.

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