Self Storage Administer

Self Storage Administer manages your self storage facility, from unit occupancy to monthly invoicing.

Self Storage Administer can tell you instantly the availability of units within your facility, as well as client details of occupied units.

Each unit maintains its own history of occupants.

Self Storage enquiries can record the reason for storage, the type of goods to be stored, distance from the facility, all perfect for marketing statistics enabling you to review your marketing spend.

Self Storage Quotations and Licences are easily created and can be emailed to clients.

Deposits are invoiced for on the initial storage invoice, and credited back on the final invoice/credit when the client vacates their unit(s).

Methods of identification, and names of those allowed access are stored for future reference.

Self Storage rates can be increased or decreased at any time with the relevant invoice/credit automatically raised for the difference.

Direct Debit Instruction forms and/or Standing Order Mandates can be printed and/or emailed with the amounts on the Standing Order automatically taken from the Self Storage job.

The invoicing frequency can be set to 1, 3, 6 or 12 months in advance, and a surcharge can automatically be added depending on the method of payment.

Unit access can be recorded and shown on the Event Diary within Move Administer, showing occupancy, vacancy and access for the chosen day.

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