Crate Administer

Crate Administer is your perfect solution for crate management. Not only will it manage the rental activity side it also manages the time consuming and checking task of invoicing.

Crate Administer can track the delivery and collection of crates by the simple production of Crate Dockets, which tell the driver how many of each type to deliver and/or collect.

Consumables can also be allocated to dockets, and invoiced for.

Each crate customer has a complete activity of delivery and collections.

Each crate type can give you an immediate overview of how many are on hire, and more importantly where.

Crate dockets are displayed upon the Event Diary within Move Administer, showing the delivery and collections for the chosen day.

Crates can be delivered to various locations within a customer, and each docket is recorded with a customer signature, which can be emailed back to the customer as proof.

Crate invoices highlight the type, quantity and period for each charge, itemising the crate docket numbers for the invoice period.

Lost crates can also be automatically charged for.

Reports can easily help to show uncompleted crate dockets

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