Archive Administer

Archive Administer is a low cost solution to complete Archive/Records Management, cataloguing information on items and contents (if required) in one central location.

Multiple insert wizards allow quick and easy cataloguing of multiple items and contents.

A mass update wizard allows quick and easy changing ot item and content information, ideal for when items are moved from one storage location to another.

Item and content labels can be printed, singularly or on mass, complete with unique barcodes in a varierty of symbologies.

Archive Administer keeps a complete track of daily requests for items and contents, from delivery and collection, even through to destruction.

Archive dockets are displayed upon the Event Diary within Move Administer, showing the deliveries and collections for the chosen day.

Warehouse retrieval and returns dockets assist in locating and returning items within your facility.

Reports are available on activity and location, providing you a complete breakdown of your Archive/Records Management facility.

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