How We Do Things

Administer Software Limited provides a variety of services to support its products. Administer Software Limited has an excellent reputation and its numerous testimonials are due to the teams detailed industry knowledge, user-friendly and reliable products and a second to none support service.


Managing Director Colin Wynn, knows that there is much more to an IT system than just the system itself. Of equal importance are the services that are provided and the personal relationship that exists between the company and IT supplier.


Strategy Meeting

An inital strategy meeting takes place with the client to establish their requirements and to provide product demonstrations.

On completion of the meeting the enquirer will understand how Administer Software Limited's products and services can enable them to successfully manage their business, improve customer service and ultimately improve efficiency and profitability.

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Installation and Training

A progressive sequence of lessons has been developed to take the company from the simplest first steps to the most advanced system functions.

This hands-on approach is invaluable, both for employee training and for allowing the technician to fine-tune the company's custom set-up.

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Administer Software Limited's support is second to none and is provided by various methods including telephone, VoIP and email.

Administer Software Limited makes extensive use of online support to ensure that your system operates at peak efficiency.

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Product Updates

Administer Software Limited is committed to keeping its products current with growing business needs.

As your company grows and expands, development continues to ensure that your system keeps up with the changes.

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